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The Perfect Honeymoon

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Your honeymoon trip has to be unforgettable. It has to be full of those romantic details that you will continue to cherish for years to come.

Sometimes couples get so caught up in the planning of the perfect wedding that they forget about the perfect honeymoon. After months of stressful wedding planning and the excitement of the wedding day, your honeymoon is the time to truly connect as a couple. It should be the time devoted to yourselves, indulging each other and letting all those magic feelings flow. That is why your honeymoon trip requires some expert planning. There are so many romantic destinations in the world to choose from!

“Private candlelight dinners at the beach, couples massages, breakfast in the room, the flowers she likes, the wine he loves"

Destinations of love...

Imagine spending a week at an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora or The Maldives. Waking up and opening your terrace door and looking at that incredible turquoise blue water. Enjoying romantic days with your significant other in the spacious and beautifully decorated overwater heaven. Looking through the glass panels on the floor and jumping in the water right from your very own overwater bungalow.

Or you can go to a couples only resort at Riviera Maya, Mexico and stay at a villa with your own private pool. Enjoy beautiful beaches during the day and romantic dinners at night. Italy is another honeymooners paradise, where you can mix the charm of Tuscany with a few days in the Amalfi Coast. You will be able to walk hand in hand through the narrow streets of Positano and witness together the unbelievable views of Ravello. Even if you are the active type, who prefers to go skydiving, honeymoons need to include those special romantic moments that ignite passion.

The big difference of having a personal travel advisor like me, plan your honeymoon vs just booking a regular trip, is that I will fill your trip with special details that will make it even more unforgettable. A town car or limousine with champagne picking you up at the airport, private candlelight dinners at the beach, couples massages, breakfast in bed, the flowers she likes, the wine he loves.

And more importantly, it will all be stress free for you both. The perfect ending to a perfect wedding is a perfect honeymoon!

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